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The child in me...

Born in Kerala, a small scenic town in the coastal region along the southern tip of the Indian sub-continent. Fondly called, The God's Own Country for its pristine terrains ranging from mountains to beaches dotted with forests and backwaters do make it an heaven on EarthI was always that rebellious child who questioned the norms of societal beliefs of freedom, integrity, sovereignty, love, marriage religion, dreams, money, ethics, sustainability and much more.

SoulDump is my gift to the world where I look forward to share my explorations of life, love, dreams and the initiatives which constantly motivates me to make impactful changes in the society. In line with this vision I am currently working on my passion project, Together We Farm, which proposes to see life in an entirely new way. A sustainable lifestyle and wellness brand which promotes living in tune with nature by co-creating with the community.

I completely understand that meeting someone and sharing some good experiences is not worth a connection to chase. But why even chase someone who resides in the deepest abyss of your soul.

Vishnu Das M

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